There, I am happy with my New Year already.

I've emailed the WA Chapter of Physicians for a National Healthcare Program and then emailed one of the Mad as Hell Doctors. Then I sent the email to 7 smart friends.... asking for feedback and ideas. I have a proposal for a physician rebellion against the insurance company costs that I think will be very effective. I think it will fire up both physicians and patients against insurance company triangulation and red tape: I am aiming at prior authorization.

I think physicians will say "We don't have time." However, when it's pointed out that they are paying people to be on the computer and on the phone for prior authorization, and that the insurance companies are paying people at the other end, on the phone and on the computer, and that calling them burns 25-30 minutes of two employees time: employees are the cost for business, right? Because HEALTH INSURANCE keeps getting more expensive, because we keep hiring more people to be on the computer, on the phone, help us deal with the insurance companies who keep inventing new and better red tape....It's time to get the ax out and bring it down hard on the red tape. And I've been practicing it for 6 years now: I know how. Bring it on.

Feedback welcome on this proposal.

Happy New Year.

Ha, ha, ha, from red tape: "Businesses typically don't have much red tape".... ha, ha, ha, unless it makes them money, like a US Health Insurance Corporation....

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