Jamie McCrimmon is a character from the BBC television series Doctor Who, played by Frazer Hines. Jamie was added to the TARDIS crew during the second Doctor's tenure.

Jamie was a young piper added to The Highlanders, however before shooting had finished there was a decision to add the character to the regular lineup. This played merry hell with the next two stories, as the lines for two of the other lead characters had to be divvied up between three characters. Another solution was to have someone get knocked out or captured for an episode, which meant for more than the usual escape hijinks.

Jamie is one of the most popular characters in Doctor Who, and appears in 21 stories (more than any other companion), giving an impressive count of 117 episodes. He also appears as an illusion in one other story, making the count 22 stories and 118 episodes. Much of the popularity comes from the interplay with the Doctor - they frequently get to play a comedy double act. Another oft-cited reason for the popularity of the character is that women really liked Fraser Hines (he reportedly won "sexiest legs on television").

Did I mention the kilt? Jamie was in a kilt for most of his time on the show.

With the departure of Ben and Polly from the series and the addition of Victoria in the next story the TARDIS crew became a very solid unit. Jamie stayed with the Doctor until forced to leave by the Time Lords in Patrick Troughton's final story. There was a good rapport between the Doctor and Jamie, with the humour sometimes stemming from the Doctor's refusal to acknowledge his inability to properly pilot the TARDIS. Jamie was envisaged as having a fierce loyalty to his travelling companions, and that stuck too. It seems his character was much easier to keep consistent, probably due to there being no sexist standard for male character behaviour to follow.

Among other things Jamie visited Atlantis, met The Phantom Piper on the Moon (Worst. Line. Ever), paid a visit to a very scary holiday camp run by giant crabs, visited Gatwick Airport, ran into some unimportant monsters, the Yeti, Martians, the second Doctor's evil double, battled evil seaweed, lots of Cybermen (he meets more Cybermen than anyone else). These and all other adventures were wiped from his mind when the Time Lords returned him to the point where he left his own time period.

"Oh, let's just get our breath back first before we start tearing off anywhere. Anyway, as you know the TARDIS has a mind of its own. You know you can't control it." - Jamie, The Web of Fear

Surprisingly there aren't that many good Jamie quotes in the scripts for the missing episodes.... Trust me, I looked.

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