Marketing People Who Deserved to Be Fired

In the new ad (circa Feburary/March 2001) for T.G.I. Friday's we see a bunch of hot co-ed models getting down and dirty with Jack Sauce. Excuse me? Jack Sauce??

At least around here, Jack means something else. This is the the last thing I want to imagine in my head; let alone encouraging people to actually smear "Jack Sauce" all over themseves in a public restaurant in reality.

What do you think would happen if people did actually started getting red and ready with the Jack Sauce in the restaurant? Do you actually think they would allow that behavior? Do you think they would scout you and your randy friends for their next round of commericials??

If I want sexual imagery in my ads, just give me the old school Calvin Klein ads...wait, that reminds me of little boys in their underwear. Man, those ads suck too.

However, it should be pointed out that I cannot possible comment upon the worthlessness of this add without making it a good ad. Perhaps, the evil genius marketing types knew that people would comment upon how stupid their ad was, thus capturing the much coveted word of mouth phenomenon. The whole Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle-ness of this frustrates me, how can I rant about something without increasing its popularity?

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