According to Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension (, Jabootu is the god of bad movies - the films at the bottom of the cinematic bell curve of quality. He watches over the movies that aim high but crash in the depths - hopefully entertainingly. (E.G. Highlander II, Boxing Helena, The Beast of Yucca Flats, etc., as opposed to Batman and Robin. YMMV)

The website, created by Ken Begg, is devoted to the review and parody of these films. Feature reviews at the site take the form of long, detailed synopses of the target, usually with digressions into the social climate that produced a film, the theoretcal and practical reasons why a plot twist is stupid even in the film's own terms, or just singing the praises of a Nut O'Fun in the background of an Exorcist II that distracts the reviewer from the goings-on. One interesting tradition for Jabootu reviews is that they're written during the first pass through a film, so the reviewer can honestly express surprise that, say, The Beast didn't actually kill the black guy when given the opportunity.

The Bad Movie Dimension has generated its own internal mythology and jargon over the years. For instance, Designated Hero to describe protagonists that get the moral respect of Superman from the script despite antiheroic or worse actions on their parts. The Idiot World is an extension of the Idiot Plot, describing a setting for a film or series that can only exist as it's shown if all of the inhabitants are idiots. The Nut O'Fun mentioned earlier is an in-joke reference to an oddly interesting prop in Exorcist II, and now any similar prop in other films. Finally, Jabootu himself is an reference to a prop in the background of an old Rock Hudson tear-jerker, Magnificent Obsession.

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