"These specifications are our holy book." - Gilad Bracha, co-author, "The Java Language Specification 2.0"

JLS, the Java Language Specification is a Reference manual published by Sun Microsystems, which provides complete, accurate and detailed coverage of the syntax and semantics of the Java programming language.The JLS explains the precise meaning of the Java language's constructs. Anybody is free to implement a Java compiler, confined to the standards specified by the JLS.

The JLS was first Published in 1996. The JLS was and is of vital importance to implementors of the Java platform, as well as to compiler developers, all of whom, by the very nature of their licensing agreements with Sun Microsystems, are held to precise technical conformance standards. The JLS underwent a ,major revision in June 2000, taking into account the new state of the Java programming language and the Java platform.

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