Title: Crisis Times Five, Part II: World Turned Upside Down...
Release Date: May 1999
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell
JLA Members: Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Huntress, Plastic Man, Zauriel, and Steel.
Guest Stars: Captain Marvel, the Justice Society of America (Sentinel, the Flash (Jay Garrick), Wildcat, and Hippolyta), Hourman, J. J. Thunder, and the Thunderbolt.
Bad Guys: Lkz, Triumph, Gypsy, and the Ray.
Cameos: The Spectre and the Quintessence (Highfather, Zeus, the wizard Shazam, Ganthet, and the Phantom Stranger).

So what happens?
Lkz, a malevolent blue Imp from the Fifth Dimension, has been turned loose on Central City, where he is twisting buildings and cars and killing people in very creative ways. Lkz is concentrating his efforts on capturing and killing a young (and foul-mouthed) boy named J. J. Thunder, who has found a pen that contains Johnny Thunder's lost pet Thunderbolt from World War II, but he takes time to turn Plastic Man to stone and toss Green Lantern into the Fifth Dimension. The Thunderbolt, a pink Fifth Dimension Imp, is the only thing that could oppose Lkz, but J. J. has to summon it first by saying the magic word "CEI-U" (it sounds like "Say you")--but the kid's as frightened of the Thunderbolt as he is of Lkz...

Meanwhile, Zauriel and Sentinel discover that the rock that the Spectre has been imprisoned in is actually a living world--they can't free him without destroying millions of lives.

Back on the moon, Superman is getting ready to travel to the Fifth Dimension when Captain Marvel shows up and punches his lights out. Cap has decided that he should go to the Fifth Dimension because, if something goes wrong there, Earth needs Superman more than it needs Captain Marvel. Once Captain Marvel leaves, Triumph arrives at the Watchtower, along with Gypsy and the Ray, two of his old Justice League teammates who he is mind-controlling. They deactivate Hourman and set their sights on Steel...

Back in Central City, J. J. finally screws up his courage and summons the Thunderbolt. But this may not be a good thing: two omnipotent imps fighting each other with the whole Earth as a battleground? Could get messy...

Cool Quotes!
Huntress, watching the chaos created by Lkz: "I can't handle this...nothing's solid...I'm going to be sick..."
Wildcat: "The union suit means we're the guys who don't throw up when the world goes nuts, honey."

J. J. to Lkz as he finally summons the Thunderbolt: "I'm gonna kick your ass back to the 51st Dimension. Say you."

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