thoughts followed by tears drenched in bliss
i needed to feel you, inside
i couldn't
i was lost and distant and trying
trying to find my way back

floating around in a sea of 
mismatched thoughts and 
wilting celery stalks
did you see me? i was waving

and then you found me (or i found you)
right there, beside the tree
the tree we met beneath
subconciously, reality fades to truth

knowing my thoughts before i do
it's creepy, crazy, intensely neat
watch me pretend that i could stop you 
if i wanted to

it's funny but his apologies
they sounded
             like    lies

and it's odd, but his smile
looked much 
            like a    scowl
it's frightening but 
i see your
                   in my dreams at night
not his 
(not anymore)
i've found security in your depth
did i dream 
                    into existence?

i forget to breathe when you
                "i love you"

because i believe it.

you've said things i wanted to hear once
things i thought i'd never hear again
i didn't want to.. 
it seems all i needed was         you.
"he took me by surprise with his words and his ways, and the sound of his voice is with me always, past the end of mortal days"

i smile now because i know, it's too late for him, it's too late to say he's sorry

words slip past, through, around thoughts, i catch them in my paper cup and put them here for you

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