I was staring at this guy who was opening up the Pret a Manger. I can't remember what his name is all I know is he played the lead role in a Channel4 drama called Ultraviolet. The guy was removing the fast food boxes left by the staff the night before. I noticed that he had taken these big turkey legs that hadn't been eaten to his car.

Next I was inside the "Pret" and we were both staring at the video conferencing (vidcon) equipment. On the other side of the vidcon set there was another guy who was dressed up as a waiter, I think he was going to work today. I believe that this vidcon link was between ourselves inside and garden which was at the back of the "Pret".

We seemed to be having fun trading insults at one another; we could write1 swear words and insults in a way that no one else could read. The way we wrote could be compared to why ROT13 was used for Usenet posting; to hide the vularity or profanity of a joke against unexpecting eyes. It was vital that we use this encoded form of speaking because we would be demonstrating the vidcon to the customers.

The guy who was with me inside the "Pret" remarked that we were playing a game called "Bulgar"2 which means "hidden meaning". The word originates from a country with the same name, somewhere in Eastern Europe. Next the manager who happened to be Peter Stringfellow walks in.

Peter wants to check how see our the vidcon demo is coming along. We tell him it's going fine. He notices we're playing "Bulgar" and discusses its rules. This is really weird because I thought what we were doing was "Bulgar", but they way he describes it is totally different.

Peter Stringfellow's guide to playing "Bulgar" (You will need two people):

  1. One person trades the first insult.
  2. The other retorts.
  3. The first person counters this retort.
That's it! Now you switch roles, i.e. now the other person starts. Apparently it's absolutely critical that you only have three exchanges between both parties. After explaining the rules Peter now wanted us to demonstrate a game. Me and the guy looked at each other and promptly ignored him (Peter).

The waiter guy had vanished3 from the vidcon screen and was now replaced by guys in rubberized Batman and Robin masks. Batman and Robin even had speech bubbles coming out of their mouths! I asked the guy who these other two were, but he kept mumbling so I couldn't hear what he said.

It was only until they had removed their masks that I became aware of who they were; Robin was the waiter guy and Batman was Cutter! Cutter William is like one of my dogs from back in my Texas days. I was so pleased that it was him so I promptly found myself outside in the garden area.

The garden was freezing we all seem to be making chattering sounds but none of which constituted a conversation. Cutter started ranting about how it was cold and that he could cope with it, he said something like "Man it's 120°4 out here but I can do it!".

The waiter guy obviously had enough and started making his way back to the inside of the "Pret". As he went to leave through the wooden fence door I noticed that two cloth beanie baby like geckos were following him.

1 Yes I know this is meant to be vidcon but all we could see was video; speaking had to be done through a chat (typing) interface.

2 Which is as close as I could remember what it sound like. No it isn't Bulgaria in case you're wondering (despite the reference to Eastern Europe later on in the passage).

3 Just found out that both Vanished and Disappeared (which is the word I originally used) are not in the dictionary. I can only assume it's because they're the past tense of the infinitives? I checked their infinitive forms and they seem to be in order.

4 Yeah I know I didn't divulge if it was Fahrenheit or Celsius but when it comes to those kinda temperatures (100°+) all we're really arguing about is how hot Hell is. Now either Cutter was insane in the dream or there was a different temperature measurement other than Fahrenheit or Celsius because it was bitterly cold, freezing.

- / +

  • Working on the old black-and-green computer in my parents' house. My mother came to talk to me but I knew she was just trying to read my mail. I felt ashamed for thinking that, because we ended up having a really nice talk. But then she started asking me questions about my mail anyway, thing she couldn't have known without reading the screen, so I was pissed all over again.

  • In the store she wouldn't leave me alone about the movie or her new purse. The purse was green plastic and there was something about the pouch on the end that she thought was worth showing me about a million times. She was worried about the Julia Roberts movie because it would take too long and make her late for her flight. Or that watching it would make her sluggish and not able to run in the airport. I kept telling her the same thing over and over, that the movie was fine, and that her purse was great. I had seen the movie with my mother and had pretended to like it, but didn't really.

    As we walked past the overalls I said I wanted some. The other woman laughed and said why not just try them on and walk out, like I did with the jeans in the other store. I was confused because I hadn't known I'd done that. She asked me about my date, and I was confused again - it was taking my brain a few seconds to catch up to the reality of the dream. I told her I'd only asked out a woman because there was no way she'd accept. Totally out of my league, I whispered. Plus, I'm not a lesbian.

  • The psychologist made me stand up so he could inspect my ass. He apologized for doing so, but I understood. It had to do with learning how I responded to emotional crises, because my ass would tell him whether there was any black in me.

  • On the beach the waves were red and aligned all wrong. We were lost in the dunes. The little girl I was with had the sense to head for the sunset, and suddenly we were free, on high firm land. A woman laughed at us as she walked by.

  • A young blonde girl. They made her stand on stage wearing a tshirt that said "I may be the last one of my friends to try acid, but so far, I am"

  • "You're monsterriffic!"
  • Continuation of last nights dream, this one waking. I dont remember enough of last nights though, just that it is in fact a continuation.

    magic wands, a tennis ball and a blue raquet ball, in Vons. The two together are the magic thing, there are two of the magic things. They were in 2 cars at first, a chrystler and a navigator(?) needed to be put in the cheapest and most expensive meat in the butcher windows. Balls suddenly turned into a fork and the blue ball. Held together by force. Blue ball ontop of some crackers in a big display fun to ascend, evil produce man trying to knock me down. he was throwing whole sides of ham at me.

    Sadly enough, when i woke up the first thing i thought was, must get to sex to jot this down, so i can make a dream log entry.

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