With the influx of Thai immigrants as a cheap workforce in Israel and an old law that Non-Israeli citizens could not be hired for certain types labor unless they have special skills, many restaurant owners and entrepreneurs started serving Thai food in their menu as a loop-hole so they could use Thai immigrants in the kitchen.

This law is no longer in effect, yet Thai food has become rather popular in Israel, especially a type of Israeli-Thai hybrid which is usually known as “Of Mukpatz” or stir fried chicken.

The standard Israeli style Thai chicken baguette consists of one baguette or similar shaped bread roll containing stir friend chicken (beef may be requested) with various vegetables thrown in (onions, sprouts, alfalfa and red pepper mostly) on some fresh lettuce with some hummus, duck sauce, “Harif” and Thousand Island dressing thrown in. You may of course ask for variations on this theme and put in extra sauces or salads the vendor will have.

Thai food places or Sandwich places selling this type of dish will usually have a Thai cook expertly wielding a large wok or two in the main window for passers by to see and be enticed.

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