The Iron Law of Oligarchy was stated to me long ago as follows:

In my experience, this seems to be a principle of group dynamics, that is universal. If, in school, you've ever been put into groups or teams and told to get things done, if a leader is not assigned, one will self-nominate themselves and begin organizing the group. This is the case elsewhere in life as well - In dancing, it's easier if someone leads.

Some research leads to the discovery that this was first produced by Robert Michels and appeared as an analysis in a 1911 book, Political Parties. His meaning, from the analyses I've read, is to indicate that in a theoretically democratic political party, a few people actually make decisions. Eventually, these people grow to gain more power, and instead of being the implementors of group will, they shape it. This makes Michels' view pessimistic towards democracy, and he would later tend towards fascism being an ideal.

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