I would like to nominate sensei for the position of Iron Chef Everything. In fact, I have to. It's a moral imperative. Go read some of his recipe nodes, like Penne with Chipotle Tofu, Vinegared Cabbages, Peppers and Onion, or Broccoletti alla Romano recipe. In fact, read anything from "A Metanode of Recipes and Other Food Associated Topics by sensei". His love of cooking and food shows in his writeups - and every single one of them makes me hungry as all hell.

And someday, when Everything becomes a sentient entity, who will defend the cooking honor of Everything? The Iron Chefs will be eager to challenge a man who has the sum total of all human knowlege at his disposal - and that man MUST be sensei.

Chairman Kaga! Beware! For some day, sensei will challenge you, and come away with the people's ovation and fame forever!

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