Irdial Discs is a small record company based in the UK. They have a very anarchistic/uncompromising stance and have just started ripping their catalogue to mp3. They also maintain a blogsite, called Blogdial, where members of their mailing list are invited to contribute.

The roster contains, among others, the following artists:

They started out by recording the Monster Music pirate radio show on Touchdown 94.1 FM in London, 1992. The shows were put on CDR, a then exotic media, to be broadcast. Later on, the shows were also aired in Germany and Belgium.

Among the more popular Irdial Discs releases are The Conet Project‚ a quadruple-CD set of recordings of secret spy numbers stations. That is, shortwave radio broadcasts of a voice reading a string of semi-random numbers that spies can decode and use for orders. They are very focused on freedom of speech and publish a zine called Rivendell that features guides on how to riot and information on the world's constitutions. Irdial Discs are distributed by These Records.

Audited October 6, 2001, source:

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