Intramuros, derived from Spanish literally means "within the walls". Intramuros is the original site of Manila. While Manila has expanded from Intramuros to a large metropolis, Intramuros has become quaint a historical district, featuring museums, colonial style buildings, and a few spanish-era churches.

When Miguel Lopez de Legaspi conquered Manila in 1570, the native Filipinos already walled the city with logs. The walls were gradually replaced with stone over the years of Spanish rule. During the Liberation of Manila, much of the walls were destoryed due to heavy bombing from American forces. Today, much of the walls have been restored.

Intramuros used to be between the shores of Manila Bay and the Pasig River, a strategic location that made it the trading hub for the Philippines' 7,100 islands. However, due to land reclamation, Intramuros is now land-locked.

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