At first, it was just Intel; every time they mentioned the Pentium III in a radio ad, they played that excruciatingly annoying jingle ("Ting! Ta na na na, nah!") they'd hired a team of psychologists and former officers at re-education camps to compose. Now, Intel doesn't advertise its CPUs much in Israel, but they do have a design centre in Haifa, which was involved with the MMX, which is practically the same as the Pentium III (except for the architecture and the design). So a lot of the want ads on the radio had that annoying music.

Now, it seems that every single advertiser who wants to say "Pentium III" has to play the music. "Buy our new home entertainment system," gushes the announcer (I didn't know my home was bored); excitingly soft music plays in the background (at least that's what the copywriters think). "Not only does it have a DVD, it also comes complete with a computer, based on an Intel Pentium III -- ". Everything stops for 5 seconds, while the **#($ed jingle, completely out of place with the music, plays. Due reverence to Intel having been established, the music and announcer resume, as if they'd never paused "-- processor". And the ad ends.

It's enough to make me want to replace my Pentium 166 with an AMD K8 Athlon chip.

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