The 32-bit graphics card for the NeXT cube. Uses and Intel i860 processor on-board to blit Display PostScript windows at dangerously high speeds from its on-board video memory. Also features three live video in ports and three live video out ports. Once dangerously expensive, now available used -- and dangerously cool.

The NeXTdimension was a $3,995 expansion card for the NeXTcube, it allowed for 32-bit color to NeXT's Display Postscript graphics system, a good number of output and input jacks, and utilized the 64-bit Intel i860 33 MHz RISC processor. It was originally intended to have a hardware compression capabilities, but the compression chip's 3rd party developer pulled out unexpectedly leaving a gaping hole in the NeXTdimension's board.


  • Graphics Processor: Intel i860 33 MHz RISC processor
  • Image Compression/Decompression
    • Dedicated JPEG Image Compression Processor
    • Real-time compression & decompression to hard disk
    • User-selectable compression rate
  • Memory:
    Main Memory
    • 8 MB to 32 MB of main memory
    • Expandable using 72-pin DRAM SIMM modules
    Display Memory
    • 4 MB VRAM
    • 32 bits/pixel color, including 8 bits/pixel alpha channel
    • Supports double-buffered 16 bits/pixel windows
  • Display Resolution: 1120 x 832 pixels
  • Display Output: 13W3 triple-coaxial
  • Video Compatibility
    • NTSC video input and output channels {PAL option}
    • Video output genlocked to input video source
    • Closed-caption, TeleText, and VITC support
  • Video Inputs
    • One S-Video using standard DIN-style 4-pin jack
    • Two composite video using RCA-style jack
    • Software selectable
  • Video Inputs
    • One S-Video using standard DIN-style 4-pin jack
    • One composite video using RCA-style jack
    • One RGB video using 9-pin D-shell with EGA pinout

* Specifications taken from NeXT marketing material.

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