The Inokashira train line is a shitetsu line running from Shibuya to Kichijoji in western Tokyo. Although some of the stations on the line look quite old and beat up, the trains are quite nice and are only moderately crowded for Tokyo. It is one of the shorter lines in Tokyo taking 17 minutes on the express from end to end, and provides is one of the few trains in Tokyo where it is fun to look out the window. The Keio corporation was given an award for the most pleasant track-side scenery for this line, and the company takes pride in the rows of flowers it maintains along short sections of the line. The line itself also passes near two parks: Komabano-Koen, between Komaba-Todaimae and Ikenoue, and Inokashira-Koen, in which there is a station. The ugliest part of the ride to Kichijoji is undoubtedly by Takaido, where the line passes over the main Kanjo-8-gou road, but it is a short blip on a nice ride. A common phrase heard among Japanese learners when they see "Inokashira" is "Head of a what??".

Fare ranges from 120 yen to 190 yen.


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