Shimokitazawa, or "Shimokita" is one of the coolest places to go, and convenient places to live in Tokyo. It's located a few minutes by train from Shibuya and Shinjuku and has some of the nicest bars, shops, and restaurants hidden away in it's maze of streets. It's also famous for it's theatres, like the Honda Gekijo. Apparently, people who hang out in Shimokita are called, "Shimokee", although i've never heard it used.

Take the Inokashira line from Shibuya, or the Odakyu line from Shinjuku and you're there.

Don't forget to check out the "Delta Blue" coffee shop, "Artist" bar, and the "Macrophage" t-shirt shop.

There is also a very nice little bar in "Shimokita" (that's how you can shorten the name btw -- don't say "shimo" because that means "dick" in Japanese).

Anyway, the bar is called Never Never Land (pronounced "Nebah Nebah Rando" in Japanese) and is run by two very nice women from Okinawa. The Okinawian snack food they serve is great and the unique Okinawa Sake will make you want to drink on forever.

Especially if you drink it as "sour" (my recommendation), you will be able to consummate quite a lot before you feel any effects. Then however it’s getting rather severe very quickly.

The bar can be found near (5 minutes by foot) the south exit of Shimokitazawa Station.

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