Selected Industrial Disasters of the Twentieth Century

      Name; Type; Location

AD 1906
      1060-1099 Deaths
      Courrieres Coal-Dust Explosion; Mine Explosion; Pas de Calais, France

AD 1907
      360-620 Deaths
      Monongah Mine Disaster; Monongah, West Virginia

AD 1911
      146 Deaths
      Triangle Shirtwaist Fire; New York City

AD 1917
      1654 Deaths
      The Halifax Explosion; Ammunition Ship Explodes; Halifax Harbour, Canada

AD 1921
      561 Deaths
      BASF Plant Explosion; Fertilizer Plant Explodes; Oppau, Germany

AD 1931
      3000 Deaths
      Fushun Coal Mine Explosion; Coal & Methane; Fushun, Manchuria

AD 1942
      1572 Deaths
      Honkeiko Colliery Coal-Dust Explosion; Mine Explosion; Benxihu, China

AD 1947
      562 Deaths
      Texas City Disaster; Fertilizer ship explosion; Texas City, USA

AD 1956
      1100 Deaths
      Cali Dynamite Explosion Ammunition Trucks Explode; Cali, Colombia

AD 1957
      0 Deaths
      The Windscale Fire Nuclear Reactor Fire; Sellafield, UK

AD 1959
      421 Deaths
      Malpasset Dam Collapse; Flood; Frejus, France

AD 1963
      2600 Deaths
      Vaiont Dam Disaster Flood; Longarone, Italy

AD 1974
      227 Deaths
      Joelma Bank Building Fire; High Rise Fire; Sao Paulo, Brazil

AD 1975
      372-431 Deaths
      Chasnala Colliery Disaster; Mine Explosion/Flood; Chasnala, India

AD 1979
      68-300 Deaths
      Stepnagorsk Bioweapon Accident; Anthrax Outbreak; Novosibirsk Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), Soviet Union (Kazakhstan)

AD 1979
      0 Deaths
      Three Mile Island; Nuclear Reactor Melt-Down; Harrisburg, USA

AD 1984
      451-540 Deaths
      Pemex Plant Explosion; Natural Gas Explosion; Mexico City, Mexico

AD 1984
      7000-15000 Deaths
      Bhopal Disaster; Poison Gas Leak; Bhopal, India

AD 1986
      34 Deaths
      Chernobyl Disaster; Nuclear reactor melt-down; Chernobyl, Ukraine

AD 1993
      193 Deaths
      1993 Oakdale Explosion; Chemical plant explosion; Oakdale, California

AD 1995
      640 Deaths
      Sampoong Department Store Collapse Building Collapse & Fire; Seoul, Korea

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