I suppose the song "Indiscipline" is meant to be a bit of a mystery, applying to whatever it is in your life that distracts you or obsesses you. But lyricist Adrian Belew reportedly has 'fessed up to its true meaning: It was about a painting done by his wife, Margaret. He would stare at it for hours and hours ...

It's a good song but a little bit problematic live, as audiences have taken to shouting out the lines before Adrian gets to them. And when he says, "...to see if I still liked it," the crowd starts screaming, "Did you still like it?!? Did you like it???!!" Kind of wrecks what's supposed to be a pregnant pause. No matter -- it's all forgotten by the time they get to the awesome screech-halt ending.

It's a spoken-word song featuring Adrian's calmly crazed narration interspersed with aggresive, slow guitar parts. Live versions start with a long and badass drum solo by Bill Bruford; if you don't know what people mean when they say he's got a distinctive snare sound, you might after hearing this song. The live version I'm thinking of is commercially available on King Crimson's Absent Lovers 2-CD set.

In*dis"ci*pline (?), n. [L. indisplina: cf. F. indiscipline. See In- not, and Discipline.]

Want of discipline or instruction.



© Webster 1913.

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