An semi-incredilutely quasi-spifftastic word with multiple definitions.

1) Can refer to the thing(s) that are being incubated: i.e. chickens, premature babies, Easy Mac (tm).

2) Can be a mispeling of the extremely popular song "The Incumbent" by Soul Coughing.

3) A position in a scientific department. (Honestly, I'm not sure about this one. It was listed on some web pages and I inferred the meaning, but even the good ol' dictionary didn't have it. *frown*.)

4) When geometry goes bad. For example, when a cube gets pissed off...and I mean really pissed off. Not just when a square uses up the last of the fresh coffee, or a kind of "Knock off, Triangle" kind of angry. Like, seriously pissed. Then that cube can use it's little known magical 3d powers, to "incube" nearby shapes. This tends to render them incapable of moving or speaking. Since shapes tend not to move or speak, this is less of a problem than you might expect. The object or person which has been "incubed" is known as the "incubent".


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