InTech is a 9 years old weekly computer pullout to the Malaysian newspaper The Star. It is published weekly on Tuesdays, averaging about 50 tabloid pages. Of which about 10 pages are local editorial contents, the rest are advertisements and computer related articles from LAT-WP, AP, AFP, Reuters, Wired, etc.

It is arguably better than its rival Computimes.

Details as of InTech Vol 9, No 21, May 23, 2000

  • Editor - A. Asohan
  • Deputy Editor - Ronald Byrne
  • Reporters - H. Amir Khalid, Charles F. Moreira, Chan Lee Meng, P. Angelina, Kelly Goh, Tan Kit Hoon, Ravind Ramesh, M. Madhavan, L.C. Wong, Zam Karim, Chee Yih Yang
  • Assistant Chief Sup-Editor - Brigitte Rozario
  • Sub-Editors - P. Yuhalini, Manjeet Gill
  • Contributors - Ahmad Sayuthi, Lynette Moey
  • Address - In.Tech, The Star, 13 Jalan 13/6, 46200 PJ, Malaysia
  • Email -
  • Web -

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