Pining over and agonizing about
the love of my life was quaint and all,
and watching him get married to someone else
then trying on various Mr. Right Nows
was character-building, but ultimately,
it was all an exercise in futility,
an absolute waste,
when really, all I want is you.

I wanted you
so much it began to terrify me;
You've been with her
for so long you can't think of leaving.
So, you stay out there
in the entrance of my mind,
because I can't let you come any closer;
I can't risk upsetting the delicate bargain we've struck

You snuck up on me, admittedly,
and we both remember the time
I tried to hate you,
but I couldn't commit to it.
Even though you can be insufferable,
you feel like my second soul,
though both of us would gag
to hear me say that aloud;
good thing, then, that I never will

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