She huddles in the masses for warmth from the aloneness of her life. She arrives quietly and floats through the crowds, adrift on her raft of loftiness, never looking back. I too am wandering astray in this sea of people; trying to catch a mere glimpse at her.

She comes straight out of my dreams and sometimes it's difficult to put a face on her, but I always know her when I see her. She's easily reconizable through the window in the crowd. I've been searching for her as long as I can remember, but she always has eluded me. I know that at any moment I could find her, and then things would change forever.



When I get too lonely, I wander the streets, the riverbanks, the mountains, the shores; I wander looking for her.

Sometimes I wonder if she's looking for me too. I wonder if she would even notice my face against a crowd. I am not among those that rise to the top and hover on the surface. I am but a bottumdweller in the lake of life, and she is flying high above the surface.

I seem to see her everywhere, but she's always gone before I can get to her. Her figure is always myriadly fleeting. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just hallucinating when I see her; or is she really there, always one step ahead of me?

I do believe that we're two lost souls trying to find each other. One day we won't be caught up in the crowds. One day we'll be alone on this street, and I'll finally catch up to her and tell her all the beautiful things I've always wanted to say.


You don't know me, but someday you will.

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