Node 2 of the Immortal Lucidity role-playing game.
Players must maintain two stacks of character sheets. One stack represents their core identities and associated outer shells. The other stack represents their discarded shells.

On their first sheet, players must choose a name, and write a brief summary of themselves when they first start to play. When immortals have to resort to this core layer, they automatically overcome their problems and opponents. The top of their identity stack contains all the information they are normally allowed to use until it is either discarded or covered by a new shell sheet.

The following is the core character sheet. Players may be as specific or general as they like when filling it out:

Chosen Name: (Not given name. Up to one sentence.)
Description: (Self-perception. Up to five sentences.)
Location: (Environment at start of game.)
Time: (Current time.)
Motivations: (Current thoughts. Up to two sentences.)


Chosen Name: Sze
Description: Communist. Atheist. Video game player. No life. Aspire to do a better job than God if there is one.
Location: Computer cluster, university, Boston, Earth.
Time: 1993, A.D.
Motivations: Boredom. Loneliness.
The first sheet is important to keep players grounded in their subjective reality. The second sheet is where the game truly begins. It is the elemental sheet.
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