eyes closed, held breath and waiting, back pressed flat to cold peeling latex paint. teeth clenched slightly, almost slicing into moist lip flesh and, longing to peer around corner but intense penetrating fear killing stabbing screaming urge.

and i.. slid around the corner to face you, and stared directly into the nothing that awaited me. today, you said today you would stand and you would be there but instead, white or eggshell i couldn't tell the difference between blood and water but, i felt lost. too lost and, to run, i wanted to run..

"i was looking for you..", behind me, whispered softly into ear, "always.. was always looking for you." and then, lips, slight hint of warm tongue flesh and i collapsed inside but my body lent itself to gravity and i managed to lean back into you just slightly and then there were arms, around and holding.

"i was looking for you, too."

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