Amid the drifts of snow, I stand alone.
The leaves have crumbled from the trees once-green;
Last season where bright colored leaves were seen
Now branches caked with ice chill to the bone.
With fur and scale till warmer seasons fled,
No footprint breaks the bitter skin of frost.
With mem'ry of all living creatures lost,
Blank white of snow is echoed in my head.
Amid the drifts of snow I stand in thought.
Respite from cold is not my fondest wish.
If fingertips are frozen matters not,
But heart and soul fear diff'rent cold than this.
Though hands find comfort from a scarf or glove,
To warm my heart I need only your love.

Yes, this is my sonnet, written by me. No, this is not my nodeshell.
But creating a node just to put a sonnet in it is just not my style.
And, no, this was not written about romantic love.

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