I saw you smiling there, your eyes glazed over, your mind in a state of semi-awareness. I love you for that, the way you always appear to be half a world away.. something I can't seem to perfect. The way you look at me, it reminds me of the way he used to, and that's comforting for a reason I've yet to conclude.

I smiled more often, laughed harder than any of you and I'm still like this, but not him.. so painfully honest, a penetrating sort of being, that's what he is. I still drift through my life pretending I know what is, what isn't, he knows though.. he knows nothing is what it seems, and smiles at the thought. He seems so distant but really he's where we all should be, here and there.. a piece of him for all places in this everything, this Universe of ours. I say it's ours but I'm quite sure it belongs to people like him, more than anyone else..

You wouldn't know by the way I trail my fingers across his shoulder in passing, that I've more respect for him than any other little human.. it's just I can't help but adore everything that he is, and more so, what he isn't. I wonder how it will be when he's more than an achingly beautiful thought floating around in my head.

"He is everything inside of you that you wish you could be.."

(the title of this node is a line from Adam's Song by Blink 182)

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