Marketing phrase. Often used as a desperate grasp to capture market share.


Marketer A: Damn it, nobody is watching the Olympics. What can we do to increase ratings?!

Marketer B: I know, let's give shit away.

Marketer A: That's brilliant!

see also:, :CueCat

"we appear to have abundance of er um, stuff, if you will.."

"what should we do with it?"

"i know, let's give it away!"

"they don't call you an idiot for nothing, do they?"

"dude, i'm like, serious, you know?"

and so, hesitantly on the part of at least one involved party, a booth is set up with a sign, free, free, it says. free to all. however, several hours later..

"we can't GIVE this shit away!"

"maybe we should start including the cows from whence it came?"


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