Here's a list of some of the reasons it's nice to have a shaved head:

  • Shaving your head is a nice relaxing thing to do every once in a while. I do it every other weekend.
  • If you've got a nice round head, it looks great
  • Nobody will mess with you walking around campus late at night
  • Hair cuts are fast and free, and you can't ever get a bad one
  • No such thing as a bad hair day
  • No comb
  • No shampoo
  • Get out of the shower and you're dry
  • Get up in the morning and you're ready to go
  • Girls love to stroke it when it grows in all fuzzy a few days after a cut
  • You can dye it however you choose and if you don't like it, it grows out in a week anyway
  • Streamlining for swimming
  • Never gets in your eyes
  • Endless source of hilarious one-liners and visual jokes. The other day I walked around balancing a fro-pick on my head.

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