twirling, hand to hand, feet barely touching the floor. senseless surrender of control.

He held her, directed her, a willing puppet to his every inclination. She smiled, dazzling in her sincerity.
Someones watched from the bar, thinking how talented, beautiful, sexy they were. Longed to try, but certain of her own, his own ineptitude.
"They're so beautiful," the someones mused, "I can never look like that." A laugh, the self-pitying kind.
Inside Her mind, eyes sparkled and smile broadened remembering her own thoughts once upon a time.
"I am that person I was watching all those years ago."

She sashayed, swung, salsaed, totally oblivious to all the other dancers in the room, except for the one holding her at the time.
Such a feeling.

She pondered what it would be like coupled with love. Perhaps overwhelming. Perhaps enrapturing. Perhaps... perfect.

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