One of the most destructive of possible ways to entirely shut your brain down is to wallow in self pity.
Disclaimer: IANAP
From personal experience and observation, self pity is a downward spiral. Once started it is very, very easy to continue down that path. Perhaps it is one of those tendencies hardwired into the human brain. Aside from piling on loads of negative thoughts and emotions, self pity many times builds on itself. The realization that one is experiencing self pity many times will only make the feeling more intense.

A prominent problem with self pity, aside from its personal implications, is that it often leads to whining galore. (See Whine and cheese, How to make whine, whine). This irritates the hell out of the people around you. It is an attention-grabbing tendency which fosters the idea that misery loves company and attempts to raise your self esteem by occupying the time and empathy of another.

Wallowing in your own self pity simply makes everything worse. It rarely (if ever) offers a solution to the problem at hand, and serves to keep others from wanting to help the situation. Some people do this chronically, while it only happens to others in times of great distress. I personally believe that it will place your mind and body firmly on the track to clinical depression (see disclaimer above).

Some great ways to get out of this moor are:

  • Smile
  • Think about things that are going well in your life
  • Hug someone. Hug a significant other. Hug a stranger.
  • Go bask in sunlight. If sunlight isn't available, try drawing pictures with a lot of bright colors.
  • Break things
  • Abuse things that won't break (i.e. punch a pillow)
  • Dance
  • Node, but again, not about your reason for self pity.
  • Eat your favorite food, but remember, all things in moderation.
  • Always look on the bright side of life
  • Whatever makes you happy
Remember, attitude makes a big difference in your life. Be in control of it. Don't wallow in your self pity

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