I Hate Myself was Brent, Bill and Dave on guitar, drums, bass and voice. They wrote and released twenty songs.

I Hate Myself were, one could argue, an emo band from Gainesville, Florida. They released one album, a split LP (with fellow Floridians Twelve Hour Turn), a four song one sided 12" and a final two song 7" record. All of this was released on No Idea Records and has drifted in and out of print over the years. As it stands now, all of their records are in print, but God knows for how long--I Hate Myself broke up in the mid nineties. Bands that have sprung from the ashes are Burnman and Gunmoll.

And that's what some would argue. I, on the other hand, would contend that I Hate Myself were a fantastic joke along the lines of DC punk rockers The Nation of Ulysses. For those who are too lazy to read that write up, it's generally accepted that the Nation were a joke--a parody of a fiercely radical anarchist band. They were a band that advocated such things as abstinence from candy, the capture of the Kingdom of Heaven "by storm," and the making of mix tapes as a form of social revolution. More often than not, though, their politics (as expressed in song) were much more believable, though still incredibly leftist.

And so we have I Hate Myself, rising out of a scene that relied on cryptic lyrics and fragmentary liner notes, eagerly proclaiming their worthless lives, their desires to be accepted and loved, their utter hopelessness. It was a bit odd. Yet, while there are traces of humor in the bands work, the majority of it seems to be delivered entirely without irony. People can't seem to arrive on a consensus in regard to the band's honesty. Some people can't see a line as goofy as "an empty forty--fuller than my life" as being entirely honest, but the same people oftentimes can't see a line like "I'm trying to explain something, but you're not listening--like I can't speak" as being a joke, especially when delivered with the onslaught of distorted, descending guitars that back it.

So it's up to you. Though regardless of their sincerity, the band certainly crafted some fine material. I, for one, believe that they simply took something they believed in and brought it to its logical extreme. Even the most down and out person in the world has a sense of humor.

As close to a confession as we get out of them comes in the form of a note appended to their final release: "We apologize with all our tender hearts for this record. We assure you it's the last. Don't kill yourself. You can no doubt think up something more constructive."

Major Discography:

  • Split LP with Twelve Hour Turn
  • Ten Songs LP (CD version appends an additional track)
  • Four Songs one-sided 12"
  • Two Songs 7"
All items above released on No Idea Records.

Compilations and Other Minor Releases:

  • Split 7" with Strikeforce Diablo (Belladonna Records; IHM song included on Ten Songs CD)
  • Split 7" with Pung (Toybox/No Idea Records; IHM song available on 4 Songs 12")
  • "Care" (Spoke cover) on No Idea 100 compilation
  • "Caught In A Flood With The Captain Of The Cheerleading Squad" on 403 CHAOS! Florida Fucking Hardcore compilation *
  • "This Isn't The Tenka-Ichi-Budokai" on First Crush compilation *
* denotes availability on the 10 Songs LP.

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