I can't stand the new McDonalds commercials, the ones that say "I'm lovin' it". Who are they to assume that people "love" their food?

Now I've never been a big fan of McDonalds slogans, or their commercials (or actually commercials in general). Even when I was at that age where I liked their food I didn't like the old school commercials that instructed me to smile. Ummm... no. I won't smile. Your commercial doesn't amuse me. Instead I'll make my face into whatever shape I damn well please. It was usually at that point when I hung my legs around the back of the sofa and oriented my body in a roughly upside-down position...and smiled. For a 6 year old, I thought I was oozing with cleverness for making that little joke.

Maybe, if I actually did "love" their "restaurant" I wouldn't mind their new slogan. But I don't. My opinion of their restaurant is well supported with the following:

Their restaurants are dirty. Ever count how many flies you see over the course of a meal? Ok, fine, in their defense that's only some McDonalds I've been to. Still, they actively encourage little kids to run around and squirm all over their restaurants and everyone knows little kids are cesspools of disease.

They never turn off the timers on their ovens. You know what I'm talking about. That omnipresent beeping noise. It practically gives me a migraine just standing in line for my order. The people who work there must get used to it or something, I don't think they even hear it anymore. They forget everyone else still does.

Their food is a neatly packaged heart attack. No one's going to argue that their food is good for you. The main "vegetable" you'll be eating there is french fries. Everything practically oozes with grease and/or sugar. Anyone who is moderately health conscious wouldn't touch their food.

They still pretend their food is healthy. Apparantly they caught on at some point that people don't like actively poisoning themselves. Instead of changing their food to be healthier, they decided to change their image. They're not fooling anyone.

They shamelessly target little children. Playlands. Happy meals. Toys. I gotta admit, when I was 6 I loved McDonalds. That's real fair McDonalds, target the weak and defenseless with your propaganda.

The clown is creepy. Enough said.

So....based on the above I think it's very safe to say: I'm not lovin' it

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