A variation of an Ent, as created by J.R.R. Tolkien, which resides in Middle Earth.

Ents, being the mighty, yet gentle shepherds of trees (with the exception of the Entwife), care for the forests and the trees inside of them; they speak to them and live with them. In this system, the Ents themselves become much like trees over the course of many hundreds of years. Inversely, the trees that are spoken to and speak to the Ents become more Ent-ish.

Thus are Huorns. The trees that change to become more Ent-ish can be classified as being "wide awake" instead of "half awake" as normal trees are, and as some Ents grow to be when becoming more tree-like. When "awakened", some trees are found to have bad hearts, and others good. Huorns are trees that can still speak to the Ents, but have become wild and perhaps treacherous. It is rather unclear whether Huorns are the trees that have become more Ent-like, or the Ents that have become more tree-like, but in either case, they are feared by non-Ents. It seems that a Huorn could originally be either a tree or an Ent, both of which eventually reach a stage where they are no less one than the other.

The Huorns took part in the battle at Helm's Deep against a great army of Saruman's Orcs. They followed the Ents on their march and created a huge forest around the battle area, into which the Orcs ran and never returned.

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