A female Ent. This sort of creature lived in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Ents and Entwives were created at the beginning of time and roamed the forests and the lands. As they watched and tended their trees, they became more tree-like, as their trees became more life-like (see Huorn).

The Entwives in their youth were called Entmaidens. With the Ents, they created Entings.

As Treebeard's (the oldest of the few remaining Ents) tale told, the Entwives grew to love cultivation and gardening as the Ents loved trees and deep forests. Soon the Entwives crossed the Great River Anduin and were prosperous. They had many fields of fruit and harvest, and taught the other inhabitants of Middle Earth this skill of growing and cultivating. The Entwives became different from the Ents--instead of looking tree-ish with barklike skin and mossy beards, they grew brown and bent from their work, with sun-scorched hair and rosy cheeks.

Darkness fell, and Evil came, and soon the Entwives' crops and gardens were destroyed. The Ents, who visited these Entwives from time to time, came to find them nowhere in sight. The Ents searched East, West, North, and South to no avail. They were never found, but Treebeard believed that the Ents would find the Entwives when their land too was laid to waste, the time of which he believed was near.

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