Hung was featured in SBS's Aussie Jokers on August 9th 2001. He shows us around the pub he lived in when he started in comedy, and introduces us to Ninglee Lawford (I hope I spelled that right). Ninglee is an Aboriginal comedian and together with Hung, performed "Black and Tran", a comedy stage play.

As Hung notes in the piece, he's actually rather un-Vietnamese: he's 6ft tall, pale, and lazy. I must say, he appears to be about as Aussie as you can get.

Hung Le was born in Saigon during the Vietnam war and came to Australia as one of the dreaded "boat people". He and his parents fled the country just before the communists stormed the country, when Hung was nine years old. The family spent four months in refugee camps and were eventually offered asylum in Canada or France, but picked Australia since an uncle already lived here. They settled in St. Kilda, Victoria.

Hung soon picked up playing the violin. He later attended the University of Melbourne but dropped out because he wasn't taking the classical music seriously. He started busking and performing with the Como string quartet.
His comedy debut was small. His afternoon performance was delayed until after 9pm, and the manager kept him happy with free beer. By the time he got on stage he was completely pissed (drunk).

After struggling for years to get his act together, he had his break with a central role in a TV documentary about comedy and later a performance on talent show "New Faces". Days later he got called up to replace the chinese character on Nick Giannopoulos's "Wog-o-rama". Hung also had a role in Nicks "Wog boy" movie last year.

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