Aussie Jokers is a series on SBS showcasing non-Anglo Australian stand-up comedians, one each week. Each show typically contains pieces of their routine, behind-the-scenes material, and footage of them talking about themselves. The main theme of the series deals with the experience of immigrants and their descendants in Australia. It brings up the whole topic of "what does it really mean to be Australian?", and how it affects their material.

I've missed a couple of episodes, and I can't find anything about the show on I'll document the ones I've managed to record as divx ;-) files (yes, under Linux).

  • Hung Le: Vietnamese.
  • Tahir Bilgic(sp?): "Australia's only Turkish stand-up comedian".
  • Happy (Yin Yen) Ho: Chinese lesbian.
  • Nick Godsell: English/German.
  • Terri Psiakis: Greek.

This is a great show, if just for the stand-up material. George Kapiniaris, who does the intro and out-ro pieces, is a little annoying and at times doesn't seem to fit the other material too well. All of the material is done in a documentary style, with no interviewer or other person. Everyone seen and heard are the subjects themselves.

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