Happy Ho was featured on Aussie Jokers on August 23rd. Her full name is Happy "Yin Yen" Ho (which I guess makes her full chinese name Ho Yin Yen in the correct order).
Happy came to Australia as a young child in 1974 (she doesn't say how old she is/was, but she looks to be in her early to mid 30's). She is a doctor and a political activist. She's also lesbian and comedian. From the material shown, Happy seems to draw on her mothers' reaction to her coming out.

"ay-a! happy-a! What are you a lesbian for? No-one else in my family is a lesbian."
And I say: "uh huh, what about aunty jiao jiao?"

Happy would appear to form a comedy trio with two other lesbian comedians: Shelly Silberman and Sam King. The great part about this episode is the send-up of Charlies Angels. They send it up as a lesbian version, of course. It involves Happy, her SO Anne-Marie, and Sam ("The butch one"). Shelly plays the part of charlie.
First Charlie (Shelly) reveals her identity, then the Angels go clothes shopping at what appears to be an S&M shop as a part of "retail therapy". Happy chooses an interesting outfit which appears to be a lycra (leather?) bikini with chrome arm bands, cups and crotch piece. I just have to note that Happy has a great body and showing her in this outfit has only heightened my (totally illogical) sexual obsession for lesbians.

Anyway, the main focus is on Happy, but we also see pieces of Shelly and Sams' stand-up performances, as well as all four ladies chatting in someones' backyard. In her piece, Shelly tells an amusing story about her experience with appearing in a "pad ad".

The director truly wanted to portray women on the first day of their period. Isn't that refreshing? So, there we were on the first day of the shoot: on the beach in white shorts, playing volley ball and riding horse-back. As you do on the first day of your period. That's *exactly* what you feel like doing, isn't it?

The show ends with the Angels chasing after "Bruce Ruttin-Rotten (Homophobe)". They chase him through Chinatown (in Sydney, that's in Haymarket) and Happy and Anne-Marie stop and embrace in a passionate kiss. Later on, back in the backyard chat, Happy says they did this to show the reaction of conservative asians to seeing "one of their own" being so brazen. Sam reveals however, that it almost back-fired. At first all they got was two kiwi dykes and a pub full of anglo males - who quite enjoyed the show.
Anyway, they chase him through alleys, next to the tram line (an area I know very well), and into a building (which I think is the Paddy's Markets building). There they try to make him confess by torturing him with Bardo songs (they're an artificial girl-band that have thankfully dropped out of existence).

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