Faking your own ideath requires courage, tenacity and lots and lots of silly putty.

The first thing you need to fake your own ideath is to decide on your method. Will you fake her electronically, physically by surgery, physically by cloning, or physically by making a detailed model?

Electronic faking is the easiest, since most of the information you need is right here in everything2, but the problem of the original ideath remains (unless you plan to kill someone!?) There is also has the problem of the illegality of electronic identity theft and the likelyhood of getting caught with an imperfect fake ideath on your computer.

If you plan on making an AIdeath, be careful that she doesn't escape and take over the internet.Research is crucial to the survival of your hardware!

The other methods of surgical appearance replication or cloning are not only prohibitively expensive, but likely wouldn't work, since it's the mind and heart of ideath that we want to fake, not only the physical semblance. I guess it depends on how real of a fake you want.

The silly putty ideath may be the most practical as it requires little maintenance and when you get tired of her, you may simply rework the silly putty into something else without any moral repercussions or lasting feelings of guilt.

Points/Problems to consider:

Ideath is known to be strong in thefez and therefore may be extremely difficult to fake and not have thefez feel a disturbance in himself. The obvious solution is to craft your ideath so as to have as little fez as possible, but this may jeopardize the acceptance of your fake ideath.

Ideath is also known to be glib. It is notoriously hard to make clones or silly putty models be glib.

Getting physical information (for the surgically created ideath) such as fingerprints, retinal scans, penis size, may be difficult. But we've all seen Charlie's Angels by now, so I'm sure we can dress up as Swedish singing messengers to steal retinal scans and fingerprint information.

Remember, faking your own ideath is not a trivial thing! It is not something to take lightly. If you do not fully follow through with your ideath creation, someone may get hurt or even get their ass kicked by thefez.

May thefez be with you, always

© Void_Ptr. I expect royalties from any ideath sales.

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