Anybody can do it, just follow these simple steps. It certainly isn't hard with a little help to slip through the cracks, to become unknown and unheard. Conformity to the mainstream's standards is the first step. One should be average all around; one should neither be outstandingly dull or outstandingly intelligent. One should wear neutral clothing and not state opinions. One should identify with the boy/girl next door without the outgoingness, without doing all the good Samaritan acts, or baking, or basketball games, or cheerleading, or trips to the drive-in movie theatre. One is simply known as Suzy or Bob, the nice quiet kid. The one who reads on their own at recess and gets decent grades. One should name oneself Suzy or Bob and not tell anyone one's name unless it is related to work or is a life or death situation. If it is an extreme emergency one should first consider the benefits of dying anonymous as opposed to becoming the one who was saved by Jim Bob. One should not speak to others in their apartment complex and quietly slip by as their neighbor’s fight or laugh. One should always keep the door locked and never answer it no matter who knocks or what ingredients they want. The anonymous one should do a decent job at work, not bad enough to get attention, not good enough to get promoted. One should work in a large office building in a big city. One should always shop at big supermarkets and disconnect the phone. If one does not want to disconnect the phone one should at least tell all family members and if one was unlucky enough to have made a few friends, also tell them that one has moved to a small village in Columbia to chew Coco leaves and grow coffee and that there is no way to get in touch. The anonymous one should not go out at night or if he/she insists on this inane practice, one should only speak when ordering a drink. One should avoid routine as people might become use to one and feel they know one. The anonymous one is watcher of life and does not become involved.

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