How to Dance

You will need:

One red dress:

the fabric doesn’t matter, and,
really, nor does the colour and,
if you like,
it can be jeans and a t-shirt;
it must have red-dressness
that essence that fills you up,
like fuel, with throw-your-shoulders-back,
look-at-the-sky, breathe-deep-and-fast
spinning energy,
and makes you into a flame.

A space:

to fill with your weaving,
wondering wildness;
to inhabit and transform
from vacancy
into flickering
light and shadows.

You could close your eyes
and find it behind them.


to give you a rhythm
to lead your steps


bongos are good,
snare drums, timpani,

but still, feel free to use
your pulse, or the
cadence of
your heart.

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