...A bargain basement price by Pentagon standards, anyway.

  1. Build a crude torpedo that has a good hundred mile range and is capable of carrying a nuclear weapon. It would most likely resemble a nearly completely submerged boat than a torpedo. Outfit it with a cheap GPS unit for guidance, and a electric or diesel motor with a snorkel for propulsion.
  2. Rig it up so that it will stear towards the coordinates of a large US coastal city of choice and detonate on arrival
  3. At night, drive a ship (some cheap freighter or something) as far into US waters as possible before being spotted by a Coast Guard ship. I suppose it would help if you can find some way of getting clearance as a merchant ship.
  4. Drop that puppy in and let it take its swim. If Cuban refugees can get ashore in a fairly visible boat, then a little underwater device, painted black for camouflauge wouldn't have too much trouble, either.
  5. Hope that the Coast Guard guys don't detain you in your coastal city of choice, because it will be set aflame by a wave of heat and radiation,swamped by a tidal wave, torn apart by a shock wave, and then rained on by radioactive water.
  6. Watch how little a $120 billion missile defense shield does to stop it

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