A motorized wheelchair that is advertised on the Odyssey channel late at night. I unfortunately had to be a voyeur of this commercial last night while watching Heart of Darkness. There isn't really any true discrepancy between this wheelchair and other wheelchairs advertised upon first glance (not that I am the master of wheelchair commercials), but something is clearly foul the instant you see two old ladies sitting in wheelchairs in front of a backdrop of the Grand Canyon. A spokesperson asks the old ladies, who have their names and ages printed over them (Esther - 70 Margaret - 93), what brought them to the Grand Canyon. The old ladies scream, as loud as they can anyway, "Hoverwhirl!"

Some boring scenes are shown, displaying the amazing functions and rounded gliding of the Hoverwhirl and its turning ease. A shot of a person compacting the Hoverwhirl and placing it in their car trunk comes next. And then... hold on to your Depends..

An old man in a Hoverwhirl lugging a two-ton van!

I wiped my eyes and looked again. I must have been seeing things, but I wasn't. Sure enough, there was an old man sitting in a motorized wheelchair with a strap attached to the back.. pulling a two-ton van. I thought about that for a moment. Why are they showing this? How often will a senior citizen or any disabled person need to pull a large vehicle with a wheelchair? I know it was for emphasis on the strength and durability, but this was hideous.

So I suppose the next time your van's engine stalls and you need help pushing it off the road.. you can just flag down a car with a handicapped license plate, and you know the rest. How did you get off the road? "Hoverwhirl!"

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