manufactured by honda from 1993 through 1997. In the US the model trim codes are S, Si, and VTEC, outside the US, they are designated are VXi, ESi, VTi/SiR.

93-95 model stats

delSol S delSol Si delSol VTEC
Lenth (in.) 157.3 157.3 157.3
Width (in.) 66.7 66.7 66.7
Height (in.) 49.4 49.4 49.4
Weight(lbs) 2510 2575 2665
Displacement 1493cc 1590cc 1595cc
Drivetrain FF FF FF
Engine Type 14 SOHC 14 SOHC 14 DOHC
Max Horsepower 102@5900rpm 125@6600rpm 160@7600rpm
Max Torque 98@5000rpm 106@5200rpm 111@7000rpm

96-97 model stats

delSol S delSol Si delSol VTEC
Length (in.) 157.3 157.3 157.3
Width (in.) 66.7 66.7 66.7
Height (in.) 49.4 49.4 49.4
Weight (lbs) 2510 2575 2665
Displacement 1590cc 1590cc 1595cc
Drivetrain FF FF FF
Engine Type 14 SOHC 14 SOHC 14 DOHC
Max Horsepower 106@6200rpm 127@6600rpm 160@7600rpm
Max Torque 103@4600rpm 107@5500rpm 111@7000rpm

Exterior colors

grenada black pearl (93-97 all models)
captiva blue pearl (93-94 S & Si)
paradise blue-green pearl (95 S & Si)
isle green pearl (95 VTEC only)
cypress green pearl (96-97 Si & VTEC)
milano red (93 -97 all models)
samba green pearl (93-94 Si only)
frost white (93-94, S 97-97 S & Si)
vogue silver metallic(96-97, S)

Interior colors

Excel Charcoal
Graphite Black

As the owner of a '95 Honda del Sol Si, I offer a brief non-technical review. See above writeup for specifications.

The del Sol has to be one of the most fun-to-drive cars ever produced. Its title feature, the removeable hard top, is possibly the coolest idea in recent automotive history. If only it had sold well, there might be newer models using this feature today. The lightweight roof easily lifts off after the locks on the inside are released, then it locks easily into its storage rack in the trunk. The power rear window rolls down out of the way to allow for airflow. (That rear window comes in very handy even with the roof on.) The removeable hard top beats a ragtop for security and weatherproofing.

The del Sol is a stylish car, no doubt about it. Everyone I meet compliments its looks. Its aerodynamics are effective at keeping excessive wind out of the cabin, even at highway speeds. The two-seater cabin fits an average-sized driver and passenger very comfortably. There are storage compartments of underwhelming size behind each seat, but they will hold a few CDs and a map at least. The compartments and trunk release are lockable for when parking the car with the top off. The dash features a clever little flip-up cover for the stereo. Unfortunately, driving a del Sol will teach you not to be too dependent upon sun visors or cup holders. The trunk is big enough to store the top, a subwoofer and amp, a backpack, and a couple bags of groceries--more than enough cargo space for a sports car.

This model is mechanically much the same as a Honda Civic. In fact the 93 and 94 years were officially called the "Civic del Sol". Each trimline features a different four-cylinder engine, mine the 1.6 liter SOHC VTEC. I am more than satisfied with its power. In fact, as any ricer knows, a del Sol makes an excellent street racer with a few modifications. Like most anything Honda, the del Sol and its engines are wonderfully reliable. The S and Si versions are available with an automatic transmission, but that would defeat the purpose with this car. Get the five-speed stick.

Overall, I recommend this car highly to anyone who loves to drive and doesn't need more than the two seats. Used models are available in good shape and are much more affordable than they look. Try or ebay motors.

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