The Babylon 5 Project


An interplanetary terrorist organization, whose single manifesto is to oppose any alien influence in Earth. They dislike the Earth Alliance and abhor the Minbari and the Minbari Federation. This is due to the fact that Homeguard was created as an aftermath to the Earth-Minbari War.

This Pro-Earth group is thought to be responsible for the sabotage and destruction of Babylon Station, Babylon 2, and Babylon 3, as well as the disappearance of Babylon 4. This organization has been at odds with the entire Babylon Project. The Homeguard is known to be responsible for an attempt to destroy Babylon 5 in 2257 (cf. "The Shadow Within"), as well as assaults on the alien ambassadors in 2258. (cf. "The War Prayer")

HomeGuard is also known to be responsible for an assassination attempt of Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago in 2258, during a Presidential Visit to Babylon 5. (cf. "Survivors")

Also in 2258, Universe Today reported that Homeguard's leader Jacob Lester was convicted for an attack on a Minbari Embassy (cf. "And the Sky full of Stars"), his arrest was reported in the same year. (cf. "Born to the Purple").

It is suggested that Homeguard was responsible for the abduction of Jeffrey Sinclair during "And the Sky Full of Stars", and the assassination of Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago in "Chrysalis", but both suggestions would never be proven. In respects to the Assassination, during an interrogation, the connection to HomeGuard is denied, and a clue is given that the culprit is Psi Corps, and ultimately Earth Alliance Vice President Morgan Clark. (cf. "Revelations")

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