A world where everyone has two comically neurotic parents who only make a few short cameos every few months resulting in hilarity.

A world where every 20-something girl lives in New York City or L.A. and has: a heart of gold, a snappy gay best friend, and a 10 inch waist.

A world where gay men never have sex because they're too busy flying around the world to help their heart-of-gold best friends with crazy plots to make ex-boyfriends jealous.

A world where all fat people are big happy clowns.

A world where all black people live in Harlem and are basketball players, gospel singers, or the first ones to be chopped up into little peices by the serial killer.

A world where all Hispanic people are sharp-tongued housekeepers with accents.

A world where people can actually afford to live in Manhattan.

A world where the only thing women care about is finding a husband.

A world with no ugly people.

A world where doctors are constantly screaming "Stat!"

A world with no old people, except for dead grandmas whose funny pearls of wisdom are much missed by their Gap-clad mocha-drinking grandkids.

A world with no blind, deaf, retarded, or mentally ill people (unless they're serial killers.)

A world where all teenagers look 25.

A world many people quietly, sadly, pretend to live in.

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