The Hobart-Lawrence Police Department was formed in 2001 to provide local law enforcement to the towns of Hobart, WI and Lawrence, WI, near Green Bay, WI.

The department was staffed with four officers, one police chief and a single squad car.

On July 22, 2002, Hobart-Lawrence Officers Stephanie Markins and Robert Etter were killed in the line of duty on Highway 54 in Hobart, WI when their squad car was rammed at 65 to 70 miles per hour by a pickup truck while they were parked at a stop sign.

The accident killed both officers and totalled the squad car. There were no skid marks leading to the accident scene. The driver, Tyson Kreuscher, has been charged with murder.

Currently the department is staffed by Chief John Konopacki, Officer Richard Brick and Officer Dan VanLanen. Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum ordered the state to lend the department a vehicle until theirs can be replaced.

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