A humorously sexist term, referring to a male bimbo. Sometimes used to disparage an intellectual lightweight (e.g. Fabio, or politicians, notably Dan Quayle or perhaps George Dubya Bush).

Big chests and small brains became a popular combination for men in the early nineties, as males became objectified for a change. Muscle-bound hunks were transformed into the newest sex symbol archetype: the Himbo.

Brawny model Lucky Vanous shot to stardom by removing his shirt in front of a group of admiring office women in a 1994 Diet Coke commercial. Long-harried Italian muscle-boy and box-of-rocks Fabio posed for the covers of heavy breathing bodice rippers, and David Hasselhoff played a bare-chested lifeguard eternally sucking in his gut on Baywatch, the most watched television show on the planet (although not entirely because of David's assets). In Hollywood, Keanu Reeves's near-mute SWAT-team cop Jack Traven in Speed set the standard.

Personally, I don't believe that George Dubya fits the overall himbo model, he is simply an idiot.

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