"Small boy, large courage."

Hiawatha is a Disney character, first appearing in the "Silly Symphonies" series in 1937. He went off the silver screen only to reappear in newspaper comic strips and in the early 1950's in comic books. The enjoyable little indian lives in the 1800's with his tribe. His father is the chief of the little tribe and Hiawatha is in constant pursuit of his manhood, trying to become the great warrior. Hiawatha's problem lies in the fact that he is a very peaceful soul. His tribe is equally friendly, but poor Hiawatha can't even hunt because he feels sorry for the animals. He does, however, find clever solutions to pressing problems of the tribe, wether they be irrigation problems, cattle thieves or hostile indians.

Hiawatha is a traditional name within the tortoise klan of the Mohawk native americans (part of the Iroquois tribes). The legend tells that Hiawatha together with the also legendary Deganawidah was the architect behind the Great Peace of the tribes in the 1100's.

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