Animated cartoon series, that premiered as part of the Cartoon Network's Friday Night Line-up in November 2004.

Based around Japanese girly-rock duo Puffy (or Puffy Ami Yumi as they are known in the states, due to Sean Combs threating to sue.)

The group first came to the attention of the CN crowd when they sang the theme song for the Cartoon Network series Teen Titans.

This series much like that of The Beatles and Kid n' Play, it is a show for young children that is loosly based on that of a real pop group. The series tells the story of two teenaged Japanese pop singers and their manager Kaz. The three basically are travelling the world on a tour, and come upon all kinds of weird things.

Ami is magenta-haired and sweet, but not too bright, while as Yumi is blue-haired and kind of has a Daria complex. The two live for preforming and having fun, while as Kaz tries whatever he can to make money and makes the girl do it, as well as some other (not-to-brilliant) ways.

The show is aimed at kids, which has made Puffy's mature fan-base angry.

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